At Mount Vernon Baptist Church we believe that every member is called to be a minister of God’s grace.

The following people are simply those who minister most often from the pulpit area:

Pastor: Michael A. Jordan

Our pastor in the church study.

Our pastor in the church study.

Youth Director: Marshall Bowles

Music Director: Jencie Gibson

To God Be the Glory, Great Things He Hath Done!


12 Responses


  2. Good Job Michael! Like the article on children and money. Has some very good points.

  3. good job pastor M. now i can get you to do the newsletter and save me alot of work

  4. Good job. My email has changed

  5. GREAT WEB SITE. Information is great. Pictures outstanding. Enjoy very much.

    • What fun to see your name. How great to know there is a web site I can go to and find memories, friends and a wonderful cousin. thanks to the pastor for setting this up.

  6. good job Michael. you and Shelby are a blessing to our church

  7. I’m enjoying reading the book of Numbers and glad you have challenged us to do this. Looking forward to the sermon on Sunda.

  8. What names in the scripture. Enjoy the scripture. Nice to hear from my cousin in Georgia on the website.

  9. Hi!!!!!1 Bunny Great to see your name on our churchwebsite.. Email me. Love to hear from you.

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