The following pictures are the result of our Annie Armstrong Challenge for 2010.
Here is the story behind the pictures: our church was $2000 shy of reaching our
offering goal. So we enlisted people to do silly things if we reached certain amounts.
First, Dudley Herndon agreed to sing a solo if we reached $500. I don’t have a
picture of that but he did a great job. Second, Kerry Kendall agreed to dress up in
woman’s clothes for reaching $1000. Third, Janice Agnew took a pie to the face
when we reached $1500 and last but not least, I agreed to kiss a pig if we
received the whole $2000. Well, the people gave and I “puckered up”!
May God bless our missionaries through these gifts!

Thank you for holding the pig Bobby Dean. We had to do this several times to get good pictures, some people even accused me of liking it!

Kerry Kendall....keeping up his end of the bargain!

Does Bobby look like he is enjoying this?

Janice is a good sport!


13 Responses

  1. I love these pictures. Can’t wait for this coming sunday to see Michael kiss a PIG!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. These pictures should bring inthe people. You all look good. Thanks for being such good sports. God wiillbless. Sunday should be GREAT!!!!!! Carolyn

  3. Oh, me…look at my Sunday School teacher!!!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, these pictures !!!! Did Bobby Dean make the pie? haha

  5. Loved the pictures. Kerry you are looking well. Aunt Janice, good to see you in such fine form. Ha!!!! You were all very good sports.

  6. We did what we had to do. I appreciate everyone being a good sport. Dudley, Kerry, and Michael. I took the pie graciously also.

  7. The pig kissing adds a whole new meaning to kissing up! It great to have a pastor with a sence of humor.

  8. I hope the younger members remember this and share this in their memories in years to come. What a fitting end to our Senior Adult Day. Thanks to all!!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing. Thelma Llewellyn

  10. Wonderful. I see that you are still just as much fun as ever and supportive of every mission opportunity. We love you. V.

  11. What a wonderful group of people we have in our church to have gone the extra mile to help get us to our goal. You all were great sports. Great memories!!!!

  12. I loved camp this summer it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What great pictures! Mount Vernon is a great HCBA church!! Karen Reed

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